Let us tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lindsey who loved food. She loved food so much that her passion showed her the importance of eating real food. Yes, real foods, like foods that grow from the ground. However, she had the most difficult time finding a breakfast spot that served real, authentic, and exciting food. 

Given her frustration, in 2023, Lindsey decided to begin Oat & Toast. She started serving oatmeal bowls and toast out of a breakfast cart designed specifically for her mission. She makes sure that her breakfasts are free of added-sugar, seed-oils, and ingredients you can't pronounce. Furthermore, she has a blast serving up breakfast for her community. Between the aesthetic packaging, good tunes, local ingredients, and the frequent help from her mama, Lindsey's little breakfast cart became a beloved friend to Fargo. 

Nowadays, Lindsey is still whipping up awesome breakfasts from her cart and is continuing to change how the community views food. Maybe if you're lucky, she'll be hanging out with you next!

Here's the cart! Cute right? We might even boast that it's the cutest in the area (but we're biased).

The cart was built on an ice-house flatbed by What Todd Does Construction in Horace, ND, Lindsey's dad, and a multitude of other hands. The cart is like no other and helps make all of the amazing vibes of Oat & Toast come to life. 

Oh, and the food? Impeccable. Oat & Toast serves a variety of oat bowls, toasts, drinks, and an occasional custom offering for some of our fun events. Things are always changing up, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date!